This Is The Deadly Island We Are Talking About. Take A Look!

5 Killer Island

#5 Killer Island

Honestly speaking, more than half the young population in this world is an aspiring traveler. Nothing wrong in it. Just a heads up, there are still certain places in this world that you shouldn’t dare to step in ever in your life. 

We are about to tell you about one such place. An island to be precise. A killer island if I may say so…

4 Island With A Bad History

#4 Island With A Bad History

This island I am talking about has a very bad history. If reports are to be believed, people living here kill anyone and everyone who dares to put their foot down here.

The island was isolated until 18th century AD. Not that it is any different now with respect to the development here.

Keep reading ahead to see which island we are talking about and other scary stories about it.

3 The North Sentinel Island

#3 The North Sentinel Island

The island we are talking about is the The North Sentinel Island. This island is located in the Bay of Bengal and is part of the archipelago to the east of India called the Andaman Islands which have been inhabited by people since the Middle Paleolithic and were mostly isolated up until the 18th century AD.

The fact is that we barely know anything about the people living here as they were aloof for over 70,000 years.

2 The Attack

#2 The Attack

The world has tried really hard to somehow get into the island or contact the people in the island. But they never let us in. In fact, they attack everyone who tries to breach that line.

In 1867, an Indian merchant ship was wrecked near the island. 106 passengers and crewmen survived and went to the coast for help where they were attacked by the Sentinelese. They were eventually rescued by a Royal Navy Rescue Party.

1 The Incidentt

#1 The Incidentt

There is another very famous story related to this island. In January 1880, a colonial expedition through the island captured six people. An elderly couple and four children and brought them to Port Blair.

The old man and woman died and the four children sickened rapidly and were sent back home. This says a lot about their body resistance. They cannot survive in the outer world. Maybe therefore, they don’t really want anyone to interfere in their world.