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15+ New Photos of North Korea Proving That It’s Still a Long Way to Big Changes

A house in the center of Pyongyang decorated with sculptures traditional for modern North Korea © jacob jung /

14 Breathtaking Bridges That Make Your Knees Go Weak

1. On the hands, Vietnam © junaidrao / Flickr Golden Bridge has become the main place of interest in Da Nang

10 Astounding Lakes That Can Actually Kill You

A monster in the lake: Brosno (Russia) © Wikimedia Commons Locals often see an ancient lizard in their lake. Scientists have tried

12 Then and Now Photos of Famous Cities Showing How Much They’ve Changed

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tap to see the difference. © Marc Ferrez / Wikimedia Commons   © Rafael

The World’s 11 Most Dangerous Roads That Take Your Breath Away

Guoliang Tunnel, China © imgur The Guoliang Tunnel is 1.2 km (0.75 mi) long and was built through a mountain range leading

In 1850 farmer finds a secret door in the ground: what he saw on the other side causes the world to lose their breath

Fascinating History History can sometimes be a little dry, but sometimes, it can be downright fascinating.

20 Things That Could Only Happen in Brazil

1. This is a country of breathtaking views… 2. …the most picturesque beaches… 3. …and the most exciting experiences.

19 Incredible Sculptures That Defy the Law of Gravity

19. “Monument to the Wind,” Chile © Marcela Romagnoli / imgrum 18. “A Bullet from a Shooting Star,” England

12 borders between countries that shatter all stereotypes

1. Germany — Czech Republic © abload This majestic sight is a border between Germany and Czech Republic. The

14 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

14. Ponte Dei Salti Bridge, Valle Verzasca Is there anything exciting about a medieval bridge constructed