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8 Amazing, Abandoned Places In The World

El Hotel del Salto, Colombia Source If you want to know more detailed facts about this

Top 10 Christmas Towns and Villages in Switzerland

10. Gruyères Christmas night scene in the medieval town of Gruyeres, Switzerland Winter in Gruyeres town

8 Funny Pictures That Depicts major Differences Between Britain And Australia

Lizards Source Lizards are lizards in Britain but Australia is pretty Over the top when it

8 Amazing Things All Around The World That Needs Our Complete Attention

Julie Penrose Fountain, USA Source If you have never been to this place, you definitely should.

13 Crazy Stairs That Can Make Anyone Get Jittery

Stairs to the Kalavantin Durg fort (India) © ZnamenateJIb/pikabu The fort itself is a small cave but the stairs

12 Isolated Houses That Can Bring Peace to Your Soul

If there is something in this world embodying tranquility, this is how it looks: © imgur

15+ New Photos of North Korea Proving That It’s Still a Long Way to Big Changes

A house in the center of Pyongyang decorated with sculptures traditional for modern North Korea © jacob jung /

14 Breathtaking Bridges That Make Your Knees Go Weak

1. On the hands, Vietnam © junaidrao / Flickr Golden Bridge has become the main place of interest in Da Nang

10 Astounding Lakes That Can Actually Kill You

A monster in the lake: Brosno (Russia) © Wikimedia Commons Locals often see an ancient lizard in their lake. Scientists have tried

12 Then and Now Photos of Famous Cities Showing How Much They’ve Changed

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tap to see the difference. © Marc Ferrez / Wikimedia Commons   © Rafael