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8 incredible places where people live alongside exotic animals

The Rabbit Island, Japan © (с)Fumie Matsunaka Friedl The main attraction of the small island of Okunishima in Japan

Rhino’s Horn Was Removed To Protect It from Poachers. Vets Make A Remarkable Discovery

Heart Shaped horn The black rhino’s horn is illegally highly prized item. In this case when

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They Need Everything No! They don’t only need your love on bed and while playing but

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The Biggest Mammal We have often known whale to be one of the most dangerous mammals

13 Facts About Our World That Amaze and Scare Us at the Same Time

1. There is a fish that can look through its own head. © unknown / imgur A pacific barreleye

Scientists Show Us 10 Scary Creatures Living in Australia

1. Grimpoteuthis © Marine Biodiversity Hub Deepwater octopuses are, on average, about 8 inches long. However, there are

22 Photos of Animals That Can Help You Make It to the End of the Day

1. True friendship © generallysarcastic/reddit 2. Unique moment © manic_unicorn/reddit 3. Help! © arthik/pikabu 4. Singer

18 Unique Animals That You May Never See In Your Lifetime

1. Hm. I don’t think he’s ready for his closeup.

14 Pics Of Animals Taken At The Perfect Time

#1 Nothing to see here, just a lizard leaning on a stick with his leaf banjo.

Perfectly Preserved 110 Million-year-old Dinosaur Mummy Weighing 3000lbs Found In Canada

Regardless of being wiped out for the last 70 odd million years, more up to date