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22 Photos of Animals That Can Help You Make It to the End of the Day

1. True friendship © generallysarcastic/reddit 2. Unique moment © manic_unicorn/reddit 3. Help! © arthik/pikabu 4. Singer

18 Unique Animals That You May Never See In Your Lifetime

1. Hm. I don’t think he’s ready for his closeup.

14 Pics Of Animals Taken At The Perfect Time

#1 Nothing to see here, just a lizard leaning on a stick with his leaf banjo.

Perfectly Preserved 110 Million-year-old Dinosaur Mummy Weighing 3000lbs Found In Canada

Regardless of being wiped out for the last 70 odd million years, more up to date

This Spinx Cat Could The World’s Grumpiest Cat (8 Pics)

Here we see Loki in all his irate grandness with his proprietor Sara Kjelsvig. Frequently her

Crazy Photos with Animals Taken Just Before Disaster Struck

1. Wannabe crocodile Dundee When Danish Tourist Johnny Bonde thought of doing a Crocodile Dundee while

12 Ways That Plastic Bottle You Throw Away Puts Marine Animals in Danger (12 Pics+VIDEO)

1. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills In case you didn’t know,

Heartwarming story of how love and care saved this dog, who was turning into stone

There are innumerable stray dogs around the world. Many cities, around the world have programs in

Ancient Shark With 300 Teeth And Snake’s Head Discovered Alive In Europe

Frilled shark’s teeth are arranged in such a way they allow the shark to literally trap

Revealed: Wolf Pack Behavior!

This would surprise you! The Wolf Pack Behavior This photo of a wolf pack behaviour was