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MAJKA U 60. GODINI Ona je druga najstarija porodilja u ISTORIJI SRBIJE i evo šta o tome IMA DA KAŽE

Sa bebom u naručju, s osmehom na licu i suprugom pored sebe juče je iz porodilišta

11 Celebrities Who Proved That Simplicity Is Power

#1 Coco Chanel  Mademoiselle Coco greatly facilitated the life of all the women of the world

5 Interesting Facts About Charlie Chaplin!

Charlie Chaplin’s real name was “Charles Spencer Chaplin”. Just like this fact, we have some more

10 Delightful DIY Nail Tricks

Want perfect nails without those expensive salon trips? Let these 12 nail tricks save you a

9 Foods That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

Banana chips © Michelle Peters-Jones/flickr   © Tookapic/pexels Their benefit is that they contain almost the same

This Haircut Looks Good on Everyone Without Exception

Short Bob © imago/Italy Photo Press/EAST NEWS   © Rodrigo Reyes Marin/AFLO/EAST NEWS For girls with

11 Secrets Marketing Experts Don’t Want You to Know

© juliannafunk/depositphotos   © btfrewinphotography/pixabay   © wikipedia

These Celebrity Marriages Were Shorter Than The Time It Takes To Read This Article

1. Drew Barrymore & Tom Green Let’s start our list off with one everyone knew was

These Might Be The Worst Celebrity Baby Names Ever

For some reason, when someone becomes famous and has a child it seems like the new

Ever Wondered Why There Are Those White Spirals Inside An Airplane Engine? Here’s Why!

#5 The White Spiral I am sure that 90% of you must have travelled in an