10 Of The World’s Most Horrifying Zoo Accidents

We like to think of animals as fluffy, cute and absolutely adorable. While they may be all that, they’re also fierce, wild and territorial. Not every animal is a pet, and just because they’re kind of used to us, doesn’t mean they won’t eat us as soon as we enter their enclosures. Who wouldn’t get angry being locked up in a zoo?

1. That time Binky the polar bear wasn’t amused at all.

emgn zoos pic 1

Binky wasn’t very happy with Kathryn Warburton, who had jumped a few railings in order to get a close-up photograph of the stunning polar bear. He simply stuck his head between the railings, subsequently biting down on and breaking Warburton’s leg. The woman survived, but angry Binky kept one of her shoes for three days before zoo keepers were able to retrieve it.